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Other Services

If your garden is not in need of a full redesign we can provide the following services:

​Planting Design

Changing or adding to the existing planting is the quickest way to transform a space without the need to change the structure of the garden. Perhaps all you need is plants to add structure or height to create more visual impact. Maybe it is simply introducing new colours or dramatic foliage to reinvigorate the garden.

A planting design could just be one planting bed or encompass the whole garden.

We suggest colour combinations and planting styles suitable for the site and in line with your likes and dislikes.

A scale Planting Plan is produced and we can implement the schemes as part of the service. This includes sourcing, ordering and hand-selecting specimen plants at nurseries where possible and professionally planting up of the garden.

Alternatively, you may wish to use the Planting Plan to source plants and carry out the planting yourself.

​Advice Service

We can meet on site with you to offer bespoke advice on an hourly basis. Maybe you moved into a new place and you don’t know what plants you have in the garden and you need someone to identify the plants and their maintenance needs.

Perhaps you want a fresh pair of eyes to review what you have and how it could be re-invigorated. We can draw up a consultation report of what was discussed and our recommendations for the site ready for you to implement.