Garden Design

Garden design board

Garden Design Process


During the consultation meeting we discuss what you are looking for in your new garden. This includes your likes and dislikes and any practical requirements that you and any other family members, including pets, have from the space. We will also discuss the budget you have in mind to create your dream garden.

Ideally our first meeting is conducted on site and in person but it can take place over video if required. Following this meeting a detailed design brief with associated design fees can be drawn up.

Site Survey & Analysis

A detailed survey is carried out to identify existing features to remove or retain, and to record all measurements and observations needed to produce the design for your garden.

In this process we assess boundaries, existing features, trees, levels and drains etc. We also analyse the soil and aspect of the garden to ensure that the plants selected will thrive. On very large or complex sites with extensive level changes we might recommend using the services of a professional surveyor.

Concept Plan

The Concept Plan is the big picture. We create a scale drawing with visuals which give an overall impression of how the garden will look. This includes the lay- out of hard and soft landscaping areas, recommendations for materials and key plants. We arrange for a meeting on site or via video to discuss the design ideas.

Master Plan

Once the Concept Plan has been agreed we can draw up a Master Plan. This is an important document to make your dream garden a reality.

It includes an overall Plan with dimensions and material specifications, a Setting Out Plan for the landscaper, and Construction Drawings of garden elements where required as well as a Scope of Work ready for tendering by landscapers.

We can assist you in finding landscapers or you can elect to find your own.

Planting Plan

​Once the Master Plan has been drawn up we can focus on the detail of the planting which includes all your trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs. The design is based on your preferred plants, the aspect of the garden and conditions of the soil, preferred planting styles, and colours. We also take other requirements into account, such as pet or child friendly plants, sensory gardens or avoiding allergens to name a few. We produce a scale drawing of all plant positions within the garden and we produce a list of the required numbers of plants ready for nursery quotes. We include visuals to illustrate how the planting will look.

Maintenance requirements are an important consideration, we want to ensure the garden is manageable after completion. We can draw up a maintenance plan that will assist you or your gardener to look after your new garden.

Project Monitoring

Once the design has been finalised and a landscaper has been appointed you are in a position to start the garden build. We can project monitor the build for you to ensure that the garden is built true to the design and to the highest possible standards.

If your garden is not in need of a full redesign we can provide the following services:

  • ​Planting Design
  • Advice Service